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Frog Alley News:

11/19/99:   Pictures, Pictures, Pictures: Mom's been a happy scanner with pictures of several family members who previously had no pictures in the Gallery and Jamie sent us the latest pictures of Aldege and Patsy Ann, so browse through the Gallery to see what's new!

11/7/99:   "Scrapbooks" for Carol : The first section of photos of Carol as donated/scanned by Paul and Evelyn Coutu has been added. If you have any photos to contribute to this section, whether they be actual photos or already scanned files, we are only too eager and willing to include them on site.

10/17/99:   New section : A new section has been added to this site in loving memory of Carol (Coutu) Boulette who passed away on October 10th.

9/30/99:   Yet more pictures : Compliments of Dave Smith we have some new pictures in the Boulette archives. You have to check out the picture of young Carol (Coutu) Boulette. She is much cuter than Annette Funicello!

Also, Deb has sent in new pictures of Austin and Nicole. (Gotta love those prescanned pictures from Walmart...makes this webgeek's life so very easy! *g*)

9/16/99:   More pictures : I got off my duff and added some of the pictures (scanned by my Mom) to various pages. Check out the newest picture of Aldege and Patsy Ann in the Flint section of the gallery, as well as a picture of Carol and Russell Boulette in the Boulette section. I've also added a new "Communication on the Net" section to the links part of the site so that everyone can easily find all the tools that the family is using to talk to one another online. If I've made any typos let me know, this working on pages late at night makes me prone to typing errors. *g*
One of these days I'll get around to working on the photos from the reunion and getting them online as well, but...as they say...life happens!

7/31/99:   Reunion '99: A great time was had by all who attended today's reunion. Applause to all the brave souls who gave the karaoke a whirl. Thanks to Uncle Russell and the whole Boulette clan for hosting the reunion and providing an awesome meal. The heat/humidity has sort of wiped me out, so I probably won't have the pictures we took with our Webcam up until some time tomorrow. Those of you who took regular photos are encouraged to send us any good ones you have either in photo form to be scanned by us or prescanned. (Just let us know if you have prescanned ones and we'll have you FTP them to us rather than clog E-mail with photos.)

7/13/99:   Another new section! : Check out the latest addition: Religious and Inspirational Links. Let me know if you have any additional links for any of the new pages or ideas for other new link sections.

7/6/99:   New section! : Check out the latest addition: Miscellaneous link and Online Fun Stuff. There you will find sub-pages with weather info and online game info. In the back of my mind I've got an "religious/inspirational" links page in the works. Let me know if you have any ideas for other new link sections.

On-going request: Please continue to pray for Carol Boulette. She's going through some very tough times now in her diagnosis/treatment and can use all of our prayers more than ever. Thanks!

6/4/99:   More photos! : Check out the latest addition to the Beautiful Brides, Gorgeous Grooms section of the site. Thanks again to Mom for her scanning job and to Dad for digging through his old slides to find the picture!

5/27/99:   Updates! : First off, I'd like to say that I think it's great how everyone is really using the chat and message board for communicating (although the reasons for having to use them aren't always happy ones). This is what I envisioned when we thought about a family site, a place where we could all get together and share news and support one another even though the miles may separate us. Our prayers and good wishes go out to Carol, Jimmy and Jack. It's been one heck of a year so far, hasn't it?

3/18/99:   More photos! : Check out the latest addition to the Beautiful Brides, Gorgeous Grooms section of the site. Thanks again to Mom for her scanning efforts!

Secondly, there's a new picture of Nicole Joyce up on Deb & Mike's page.

Thirdly, I've added a new sub-section to the Misc. pictures. In digging through all the photos provided by Joan and Dave, we came up with a nice series of ones from the trip to Mt. Monadnock. So, Mom went through and chose a representative sampling, scanned them in and FTP'd them to me. Our new section is called Monadnock Memories. Thanks once again to Mom for her scanning efforts!

3/18/99:   More photos! : Check out the latest addition to the Beautiful Brides, Gorgeous Grooms section of the site. Thanks again to Mom for her scanning efforts!

3/13/99:   Photo update: Mom (aka Evelyn) has had her "lesson" on FTPing scanned photo files and she's passed with flying colors, sending us Photos of young William Alan Coutu's christening. Please check out her post on the posting board and help her out with ideas for the types of old pictures you'd like to see scanned in and posted on the site.

3/3/99:   Watch those March winds!!:As you may have noticed, I've updated the logo to be more seasonally appropriate. I've been really busy lately with very little time for scanning in new pictures, so I'm going to be enlisting the help of my Mom and Dad. They'll be scanning in some of the old pictures provided by Joan & Dave and Jamie that I haven't gotten around to doing. I figure they are good candidates for the job since they will be more able to identify people in the older pictures than I am. So, watch for new (old) pictures in the coming weeks.

1/26/99:   Photo update: Paul and Evelyn have submitted a new photo of their grandkids. Evelyn's got a scanner now...watch out world, here comes the pictures! *l*

1/20/99:   Belated Happy New Year to you all!! Well I had pulled the Christmas music from the site a little after New Year's, but I left the snowy logo because it seemed to reflect the weather we'd been having. I think I'll leave it up a while longer (unless we suddenly switch to spring weather for good...hey a girl can wish, right?) Anyway, at the request of my Mom I kicked the hubby off the computer with the scanner attached (poor guy has been working a lot lately) and have scanned in a photo of young William Alan Coutu.

I've also archived the news bulletins from 1998 to their own page so that this page doesn't keep getting longer and longer.

1998 News Archive

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