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Frog Alley News:

12/17/98:   Finally!! Yes, I've gotten around to putting up the Chrismtas theme here on Frog Alley. Been pretty busy for the past month or so with Christmas shopping, present wrapping, house decorating and just life in general, but I'm going to try to get more things scanned in and put up now that life's calmed down a bit.

10/31/98:   Glad tidings!! We're happy to announce the birth of William Alan Coutu, son of Will and Chrissy Coutu, born on October 27th at 9:52 p.m. He is 8 lb. 8 oz and 21 1/4 inches long. Congratulations and best wishes to the happy family!!

10/22/98:   Wow...it's been a long time since I've added anything...I'm so deliquent in my duties. *hangs head in shame*. Oh well...I've been a busy beaver the past two days at least: I added a photo of Pat and Jim Flint , provided by Jamie.

Also, I've added a new section to the site: The Hall of Records. This will be a place for us to preserve family records such as birth certificates, baptismal certificates, marriage licenses, death certificates and any other documents that don't fall into the categories mentioned. Why death certificates you might ask..seems so morbid, right? Well...the thought behind including them is to allow family members to track the types of ailments that run in families so that they might avoid the problems associated with these ailments. We want everyone in the family to live long healthy lives so every bit of knowledge that contibutes to our health is welcome. I've made it a password-required section so that only family members may access it by using the username and password you were already given for the chat and message board.

10/7/98:   Added new photos of Aldege and Patsy Ann Dionne, provided by their father Bob! Bob would also like people to see his first attempt at making his own Web page (Hey Bob, we're available for HTML lessons at a nominal fee! *g*)

9/28/98:   Added new photos of Austin and Nicole Joyce, provided by their mother Deb!

9/24/98:   The Smith family photo gallery is now populated by a few pictures...courtesy of Dave Smith. Thanks again for the pictures! Now I'll continue on shifting through the old family photos and scanning/researching names/categorizing them and putting them up as time allows. Now that I'm more healthy *knock wood*, I should be able to get at least a couple of picture up a night I hope.

9/23/98:   More pictures from Reunion '98...these courtesy of Dave Smith, our gracious host who somehow found time between cooking the chicken and cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs to wander about getting some nice shots. Thanks for the pictures!!

9/15/98:   Back on antibiotics and my head feels a bit like a lead balloon, but I'm making an effort to put up some of the pictures that I already had scanned and for which I have gotten identifications. Check out the new page devoted to wedding pictures that is in the Miscellaneous pictures section.

9/10/98:   Well, I had been feeling better, had taken my last dose of antibiotics for the throat/sinus infection that came out of the last cold and now Matt brought home a new cold from work and I'm back to square one. *sigh*

8/27/98:   Due to a lovely summer cold, I'm running a little slow, so updates to the site will be on hold until I feel a bit better.

8/19/98:   Reunion '98 Pictures::  The first of the reunion pictures are in, courtesy of yours truly and Evelyn Coutu!! Click here to check them out. If anyone has pictures to contribute (either actual photos or already scanned pictures), we're glad to add them to the site! Also, we're still working on the old photos (scanning, cropping, cleaning up and getting names). They should be up soon.(*crossing fingers*)

8/14/98:   Picture Update:  We've been scanning pictures like madmen here for the past couple of days. Pictures will be up soon (we're getting names for some of the people we're not too sure about).

8/10/98:   Reunion Review:  The big day has now come and gone and we here at Frog Alley would like to pronounce the 1998 family reunion a rousing success! It was a great day of beautiful weather, fun, great food and laughter. Everyone had a great time looking at the old pictures that were there, many of which will make an appearance here on Frog Alley once we scan them in and add them to the appropriate pages. We'd like to once again thank our gracious and wonderful hosts, Joan and Dave Smith, for another wonderful time. A round of applause and hugs & kisses to them!

8/4/98:   Reunion Weather Watch:  As the countdown begins to draw nearer, we all are watchful of the expected weather for the big day. So, here's a quick link to the weather forecast.

8/2/98:   Fan Mail:  We received more "fan mail" today. Check it out

8/1/98:     First picture submission :We received our first picture submission from the family today (Thanks LouAnn!). Check out the Misc. Pictures section to see it.

7/31/98:     Celebrity sighting!!: The infamous Fleetwood of Old Saybrook, CT was spotted in the Frog Alley chat rooms!! We're glad he could take time out of his "beary" busy schedule to drop by and visit!

Fan Mail:    We received our first bit of "fan mail" yesterday. Want to take a look?

7/29/98:     After a weekend down due to problems with our ISP, things are up and running again. The official opening announcement will be E-mailed today.

7/19/98:    It's AAAAAALIVE! Yes...we've finally gotten these pages online! *g*

Other than that, the latest news is that there is a family reunion scheduled in Old Saybrook on Sunday August 9th, 1998! ( Yes folks, that is August 9th and not August 16th as reported in the newsletter that you received recently. The gremlins got into Joan and Dave's computer and messed up the date on them...darned gremlins!!) Appearing at the reunion will be the infamous Fran and Dan Dingman who will be in town on a limited engagement. *g* We've been assured of beautiful weather, great food and a wonderful time as usual. Don't forget to send in your attendance slips.

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