A motley collection of Coutus, LaForests, Boulettes, Smiths, Dingmans, Flints, Losaws and other assorted crazies.

In Loving Memory of Patricia Ann Flint (1936-1996)

We'd like to dedicate this site to the memory of Pat ( aka "Patsy" or "Aunt Pat"). She was a driving force in the family's togetherness and could rustle up a family get-together with a few quick phone calls. Her skill at organizing a get-together, her wonderful sense of humor and her loving nature brightened all our lives while she was with us. Sadly, she's now planning get-togethers for the family up in Heaven, but hopefully one day we'll all join her there for the fun.

It is our hope that in some small measure this Web site is able to help keep the family in touch with one another like Pat used to do.


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