A motley collection of Coutus, LaForests, Boulettes, Smiths, Dingmans, Flints, Losaws and other assorted crazies.

Okay..so..here's the scoop on Frog Alley:

In late 1997, we were at a family event and were talking about setting up a domain for family events, news, posting family pictures, etc. We considered using the family name as the domain name, but then Uncle Dave wisely pointed out that the family really encompassed more than just that lineage. He suggested the name Frog Alley based on the nickname of the area around the family home and a neighboring house (because of the high population of French people)....

And Frog Alley was born!

We got home and registered this domain not long after that. Of course we didn't get off our duffs until now to actually create these pages...but hey...that's life! *g*

And now... on with the show!!!

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